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Elopements in Japan

You’ve made the beautiful decision to elope in Japan & celebrate the 2 of you. And that means ALL the wedding day choices are yours. No need to follow the expected. It can be an experience truly reflective of who you are, where you are & what you want.

With couples wanting to tie the knot in small ceremonies in unique locations, elopement packages have been springing up in the world's most beautiful places. Japan is honestly one of the best destinations in the world to elope.

Intimate weddings, adventures for two, micro weddings are becoming a meaningful and affordable wedding experience, and one that 37 Frames has embraced for all.

Eloping in Japan

To Elope brings out your love for adventure, your connection, and gives you a once-in-a-lifetime day. Deciding to elope is an empowering and exciting journey. And it’s fair to say Japan is one of the most magical elopement locations in the world. It’s an unforgettable, intimate and meaningful experience. Full of beautiful energy and a day focused entirely on what’s important to you.

At 37 Frames we are beyond delighted to be on this voyage with you. Our Collections Guide, is just that…. an inspirational tool to set your course. We’re continuously curating beautiful locations & creating inspired itineraries. You can simply select one of our suggestions or we can work together to fully customize your unique celebration. Every wedding we’ve ever planned & photographed is completely different from the one before. And that’s simply because every couple is unique. Every story is only ever yours.

Your elopement can be just the two of you or for a few special family & friends (up to 8 guests, due to venue/location permits). For more guests attending (usually up to 20) it’s considered a micro-wedding and pricing will be a little different based on venues and required permits. Regardless of whether it’s an intimate adventure for two or twenty, your elopement is an unforgettable journey of love and friendship, moments and memories. Choosing the right path makes all the difference for your experience. And how you get there and what you have to show for it afterwards are the decisions you’re inevitably making right now.

37 Frames, as either your elopement planner (we consider it more of a navigational role! Planner sounds so formal) or photographers (we think of it as documenting history and stories keeping everything authentic and real), will be there alongside you from the initial virtual consult right through to the end of your dream wedding day. The beginning of your new chapter as united partners. We love guiding our couples through the process of eloping in Japan and all the magic it holds. Your elopement is so much more than a ceremony & beautiful photos. It’s an investment into yourselves, your relationship, the memories you have to show decades later to all of your loved ones. It’s an investment in your legacy.

At 37 Frames, we’ve been a part of celebrations worldwide. With that wealth of experience we know weddings. We understand that big… or small… your elopement day is the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE. From start to finish. You’re going to have a support system behind you to create the celebration your heart is calling for.
In Japan.

Reasons to Elope

Why elope? We believe in the beauty of marriage & the power of words. Eloping is making a commitment in the most intimate way you can imagine. We value epic locations all over Japan, meaningful vows, and recording the memory. Mountains, shrines, lakes, iconic traditions, Japan has everything and then some to make your elopement completely you.

A Romantic Elopement in Japan

Romantic elopement locations are spectacular here in Japan. When we think romance we think cherry blossom elopements in wild forests, we think spectacular night view elopements from Tokyo rooftop bars (arriving to your Tokyo elopement in a Ferrari – yes, we do that!), or sunset elopements on the beaches of Okinawa. We think Mt Fuji elopements, and the magical flowers of Furano and Biei.

A Traditional Shrine Elopement in Japan

Having a traditional Shrine elopement in kimono at a Shinto Shrine is an experience that stays with you forever. Ethereal. Ceremonial. Emotional. Our international couples are always looking for an authentic Japanese wedding experience, and so our shrine elopements and Shrine Wedding packages are everything you imagine a Japanese wedding to be and more.

Wearing a Japanese kimono might be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Our kimono specialists make the entire experience, from choosing the kimono to the ritual of dressing, a completely immersive experience.

We have favorite locations and favorite shrines to elope in all over Japan. Tokyo merges old and new. Kyoto is culturally breathtaking, and some of the old world secluded shrines in the Kiso Valley and in Shiga are spectacular. We love the breathtaking secluded shrines in Shikoku too… It’s all possible. We can finish it all by booking you a beautiful vintage ryokan to celebrate your wedding night.

A Secluded Elopement in Japan

We can find secluded secret locations almost anywhere in Japan. Intimate forests, small teahouses, lakeside vows. Out of the way hot springs are a favorite place to elope. If you’re willing to travel, we’re here to elope with you. Anywhere in Japan.

An Adventurous Elopement in Japan

If you’re both the outdoorsy type, consider an elopement that’s got “adventure” written all over it. Skiing in Nagano, Hakuba or up in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido. Niseko is pure perfection as an elopement destination. Canyoning in Gifu, autumn hiking through canyons and gorges. Fall can be an incredible time of year to elope in Japan. How about finishing off your Tokyo elopement with a champagne helicopter ride over the city. Anything is possible.

Pop Culture or Art Elopement in Japan

For the art lovers of the world, an elopement on Naoshima is always a favorite, or saying your vows while in the iconic Park Hyatt Tokyo, an art-lovers dream. For the pop culture brides and a grooms, an open air bus around Tokyo, a maid café, the robot restaurant, a Mario Cart Wedding, how about Virtual Reality vows in Shinjuku? A night reserved at hotel run by robots… we make your elopement dreams come true. However crazy wedding they might be. At 37 Frames, custom Elopement experiences are our specialty. Go your own way entirely or you may wish to start with one of our bespoke Elopement Collections to CRAFT YOUR STUNNING STORY AND LEGACY. LET’S GET DREAMING.

Elope in Style

With the elopement trend in full force, why not choose to elope in of the most beautiful locations in the world - Japan.

Fully bilingual. English speaking planners. English speaking photographers.

Pop Up Weddings in Japan

We are getting more and more requests for pop up weddings. Essentially a more elaborate form of elopement. Yes, we’re on to it. Yes, we can do it in Japan. Yes, email us about it. We’d love to be on board.

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