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Your wedding day...one of the most wonderful days you’ll celebrate together. Unique and beautiful to the both of you. Bringing all your people together, in one place, at a time never to be repeated, to share in your story.

Choosing the right wedding photographers for how to best remember your celebration is one of the most important decisions when planning for your day. Especially when having a destination wedding in Japan. These are your memories, the images and the moments of a defining celebration to take with you through life.

For us, the photography is a paramount part of the day. While the planning is all about the anticipation and buildup to the day, the photography is all about the story of you and your people. It’s about all of your cherished family & friends, a historical record of your celebration that lives on, essentially forever. While the planning is about creating the experience, the photography is about reliving it. Both for you and for future generations. And that’s why quality, understanding and most of all, experience, is a priority.

37 Frames Couples understand that beautiful wedding photography is simply an essential. Choosing a team trained by Japan’s only two (WPPI) Double Master Photographers is part of the 37 Frames experience and will ensure that your day is photographed with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughly & with technical precision. The myriad of challenges each & every wedding presents will be handled delicately and with flair. The result is your Love Story, something tangible to take away from the day.

We understand our international couples expectations when it comes to their big day which isn’t always the case sometimes with wedding photography in Japan. Many photographers are contracted to the venue that you hire for your wedding where you’ll have little choice of experience or photography style. Here at 37 Frames, we tell your story. We dedicate ourselves to not just seeing you, but showcasing the relationships and connections between you and your people. We dedicate ourselves to storytelling, showcasing location and the unique details that make your day personal and totally you. Whether it's a wedding in Kyoto, an elopement at Mt Fuji, or a prewedding in Tokyo. We are 100% all in.

We are essentially in love, with love.

Wedding Photography Style in Japan

Our style is timeless and bold with a small hint of film-style. We are known for our cinematic photographic style and photojournalistic approach, and we work tirelessly to make sure you’re covered from every angle. Making trends, not following them.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Tokyo, a wedding photographer in Kyoto, a wedding photographer in Hokkaido, or a prewedding photographer for all the secret untouched areas around Japan, 37 Frames would love to tell your Love Story. It’s what we do, as we passionately go our way specializing in Weddings all over the world. With our 37 Frames award-winning cameras, fun & fabulous team and your wedding story, the big day will be documented as the work of art that it is.

Everyone deserves the very best on their wedding day and at 37 Frames we have collections to suit all budgets and all stories...

If you’re having a destination wedding in Japan… make photography a priority.

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