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37 Frames Wedding Day Coordination option is perfect for the couple who wants to plan their own wedding in Japan, but needs an extra pair of hands on their wedding day.

Alleviate wedding day anxiety, allowing you both to fully enjoy the full experience of your celebratios stress-free. 37 Frames knows how much your people mean to you too and will be there to provide assistance to family and friends so they can have an amazing day as well.

37 Frames Wedding Day Coordination includes consultation prior to your wedding and of course on the actual day coordination. In the lead up to your wedding we liaise with all your local wedding suppliers and compile a comprehensive runsheet. Wedding Day scheduling is EVERYTHING! Especially in Japan.

We personally oversee the entire wedding day, from the setup to the final farewell. We are on hand to troubleshoot any issues which may unfold on the day and provide continuous support to the Bride & Groom, bridal party & family members ensuring a dream wedding in Japan. Everything you envisioned and planned, we execute with precision.

Contact us to start your wedding day coordination in Japan...Or start HERE at the 37 Frames dedicated Wedding Planning site.

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