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We just thought we’d share some of us.

Yes, we'd love to share some of our 37 Frames fabulous family stories which have made us who we are today. We didn’t want to just put out there we love cheese & we love coffee (although obviously we do). We wanted to share some meaningful anecdotes about where we’ve come from and what essentially founded 37 Frames. We’ll update and add some more stories from time to time. But for now… here’s a few to start. Once upon a time...

37 Frames we could almost say it’s been a family business for more than 150 years. Almost.

Here’s the story: Tracey found out some pretty wild news not too long ago. Her dad had been tracing their family ancestry and was really enjoying piecing together their family history. And then it happened, it suddenly all made sense. Trace's Dad found out that her great-great-great-grandfather, John Robinson, and her great-great-great grandmother, Mary, were photographers working near Manchester in the mid 1800’s. Wow!! That's insane. Talk about keeping it in the family.

Hi Trace,
It looks like photography is in the blood. I have attached the Notice that appeared in the Hollingworth Lake Guide in 1865. Our family line to John Robinson goes like this: my mother (your Grandma Taylor) was Florence Bessie Robinson. Her father (your great-Grandfather) was George Robinson (1871-1952) whose father was Tom Robinson (1846-1918 whose father was John Robinson (1810-1867). That makes John your Great-Great-Great Grandfather. John & Mary were photographers and owners of the Hollingworth Lake Photographic Rooms.

Hollingworth Lake (near Manchester), Lancashire has an interesting history. There is a beautiful photo of it on Google. An article posted on Ancestry by another Robinson family researcher makes the following observations:

" John was a Photographic Portrait Taker and remained so until his death in 1867. In the 1861 England Census, John & Mary (John's wife) were entered in different places, Mary working in Photography and young daughter Rosa in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. John, also a photographer and his son Tom are listed in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Perhaps times were difficult trying to establish a business in photography."

Love Dad xo

Taylor Photographic Rooms | Family HistoryPerhaps it’s all in the DNA after all! How’s that for entering the family business? And what a fabulous name for a studio. The “Photographic Rooms”. We’re claiming that.

Ever since we found out, we can’t stop thinking of John & Mary working their Daguerreotype cameras and what the profession must have been like in the mid-1800’s. Soooo fascinating.

We've started researching into their Hollingworth Lake Photographic Rooms to see if we can track down any images which might still exist, taken by John or Mary. It'd be amazing and an emotional slice of history for Tracey to have a little collection of her great-great-great grandparents (John & Mary) and great-great grandfather's (Tom) work. What a marvelous little part of the family ancestry revealed.

UPDATE: A little trip to Hollingworth Lake while we were in the UK for Tracey's parents 50th anniversary was everything we imagined it to be and more. What an amazing world this truly is. Don’t underestimate the personal power of photography xoxo

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