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Pre-Weddings are a beautiful and, in many cultures, an integral part of the Wedding Story. Japan is the perfect place for your pre-wedding photography experience. Pre-weddings are typically planned months before the wedding so that the images can be used leading up to & on your big day, sharing such a special time with those closest.

At 37 Frames we specialize in photographing Pre-Wedding Stories all over the world. These epic experiences can take all forms, with no limits. It’s time together as a couple to create extraordinary images in your wedding attire. This may not always be possible with the time constraints of the actual wedding day (you want to spend it with your family & friends after all) and sometimes the limitations placed by hotels and venues. So the Pre-Wedding experience is all about you. If you’re looking for a pre-wedding photographer in Tokyo, a pre-wedding photographer in Kyoto, a pre-wedding photographer in Hokkaido, or a pre-wedding and engagement photographer for cherry blossoms, and secret locations around Japan; 37 Frames is here for you.

We may shoot at sunrise, sunset, in the snow, rain or under the stars. We may find ourselves on mountains, beaches, under the Northern Lights, at home, in the city, drenched in flowers in Biei and Furano, in caves, in the water. Whatever you can imagine. A Mt Fuji prewedding is one of our favorites.

Pre-weddings in Japan with 37 Frames are always emotional, always fashion-inspired and more than that… they’re authentic and real. We are outside in life together, in your dream location, it could be iconic or secluded, crafting your Love Story & creating a photographic record of your life.

These experiences are very story driven and we can suggest infinite possibilities and conceptualize a unique experience just for you. Anywhere. Everyone’s story is different. And yours deserves to be told with time on our side. We also offer a pre-scheduled series of locations & dates at incredible locations worldwide with 37 Frames travel included. These are released each August for the following year.

We are not a cheap pre-wedding photography package in Japan. Although we do offer affordable pre-wedding packages for every budget. However, our specialty is in a more luxury pre-wedding experience. Generally our lovely couples opt for a Full-Day experience and may wear up to 3 different looks, which they bring in themselves, for example; Wedding Gown, Evening Gown & casual wear. We can arrange kimono for your pre-wedding photo shoot. And that’s always a beautiful traditional Japanese experience. Such a fabulous part of the Wedding Story – dressing up, embracing life together, before the day.

Your actual wedding day goes by in a beautiful blissful blur. And we will always focus on real emotion, the moments, your day, your people, your beautiful story. It’s what we love. However, there is often very little time for creative photography in breath-taking locations during the day… So for a more relaxed, inspired experience a Pre-Wedding is a beautiful investment.

Many clients also opt to do it after the wedding, as a Post-Wedding experience, especially if they want to wear the real dress again just one more time. So whether it’s a honeymoon in Japan or a getaway before the big day we would LOVE nothing better to tell another installment of your story. Your Pre & Post Wedding appointment awaits.

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