What's Your Wedding Photography Style?
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What's Your Wedding Photography Style?

There are literally hundreds of Wedding photography editing styles. But as a general rule, wedding photography genres can be broken down into three types.


Wedding photography genres can be broken down into three types: traditional, photojournalistic and classic.

Traditional photographers are extremely involved all throughout the day. They produce posed shots. They can be fashion-inspired. They can have an editorial edge. They can spend a lot of time arranging the couple so that the details of the image are perfect and look exactly the way they’d like.

Photojournalists, rarely ask individuals to pose. They prefer to capture people in their natural behaviors. They excel at moments and emotion. We always feel like so much of the wedding day is photojournalistic in nature. It is your story after all. But there are usually some elements of a wedding where you'll need some traditional elements (like family formals for example).

A classic style of wedding photography blends both of these styles together. Here at 37 Frames we fall into the classic genre. We work hard at being thorough on both the traditional and photojournalistic sides.

But make sure to browse wedding blogs for ideas and inspiration. Pin photos that speak to you. If you end up finding that most of your images are looking like fashion magazine shoots, you'll know that Traditional is for you. If all the images you pin are candids and moments, you'll want to look for a photojournalist wedding photographer. And if you have a big mix of both, you'll want to look for photographers that fall withing the Classic genre. So really research which style of photography speaks to you and decide which look you’re going for before you start shopping around.

This is just a note on editing style. Not photography style. Recently there's been a throwback to a vintage film style of look. We love it. But just be aware that not all parts of the day are suited to this editing style. Your couple portraits might look amazing. But then your family formals won't fit this style of edit at all. We find the film style edit to be fabulous for elopements. But for a full wedding story, we like to always recommend a 'classic' photography style with a timeless edit. Something that will never got out of style. But in the end, it's your day. Go with whatever you know you're going to love.

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