Weddings and Elopements in Hakone
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Weddings and Elopements in Hakone

A mix of culture & nature - perfect Japanese elopements

Hakone Beauty : An elopement of your dreams

You will have read about the Hakone/Mt Fuji combined elopement experiences in previous 37 Frames blog posts. We LOVE elopements in Fuji/Hakone area. There’s such deep feeling here. On every level. And we embrace it every way we can when planning an elopement. In addition to these combined elopement locations, we do have many couples wanting an Hakone only focussed elopement. And we get it. Everybody loves Hakone. Elope in Hakone.

All that beautiful nature, easy access from Tokyo, and the surrounding Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is simply breathtaking. Due to its popularity as a tourist location, private intimate elopements are harder to coordinate and often challenging, but of course doable. When couples embrace Hakone for all its natural beauty and the perfection of Hakone’s luscious Lake Ashi, then the crowds seem like a minor distraction amongst a perfect day. Yes, you can Elope in Hakone.

Start your elopement at Hakone Shrine

In this shorter Hakone experience, we start early at Hakone Shrine, before the crowds line up at the iconic torii gate. Have a moment there. Facing the lake. Taking in each other and where you are. It’s a powerful start to your beautiful day. We then do a morning elopement ceremony at a lovely Hakone park and garden. And if time permits afterwards, we walk in the footsteps of samurai through the towering Ancient Cedar Forest. Elope in Hakone. Hakone is a dream. A beautifully magical place to get married. There will be many amazing anniversaries spent returning here again and again as you relive your day and celebrate your love.

Over and over again.

Also, you can find more great elopement ideas on our Elopement Planning Guide on YouTube. Check in here to meet Dee and start elopement dreaming.

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