Wedding Planner Backgrounds and Skill Sets in Japan
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Wedding Planner Backgrounds and Skill Sets in Japan

Find a planner in Japan who’s right. A planner who’s right for you. And that’s what matters.


Each planner has their own unique skill set and some may be better suited to the type of wedding you're hoping to plan. Planners backgrounds vary and can be such a great way to know their strengths and how those strengths might align with your celebration plans. Some of the world’s top wedding planners started their wedding planning journey as vendors. Either as florists, or stationers, photographers and videographers. Florists and stationers will have a good sense of design. Photographers and videographers have a honed sense of story and vision (and how to best maximize your timeline). Some planners will have started their planning careers as venue planners so will perhaps have a more corporate style. Whatever fits best for you. You’ll feel it after your consults. Check their LinkedIn. Or just ask. Asking about their background and journey to planning is never an imposition.

So if you're very focused on colors and floral, looking for a planner with a background in that area would be good. And if story and guest experience is a priority, it would be great to have a planning team who’s very visual and experiential and whose background aligns with your needs. Perhaps if food is your first priority, then a planner who knows the ins and outs of the catering business or used to be a chef might be a good choice. Of course, many planners have a very diverse body of experience to draw from. And the best planners excel in most of these areas. But you should try to work with one who also emphasizes the aspects that you think are the most important.

(Here at 37 Frames we have a background in theater production and journalism and photography which we think is a beautiful combination of skill sets. From timelines and production, to visual storytelling and guest experience. We also prioritize the importance of historical memory-making, with an emphasis on the tangible. But everyone’s needs will be different and we only ever want couples to find their best possible fit.)

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