Wedding Photographer Styles in Japan
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Wedding Photographer Styles in Japan

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer in Japan, style is one of the first thing to decide.

What sort of photos would you like, how would you like your day to be captured, and how do you want the story to be told.

Every wedding photographer will have their own look, from the way they capture the photo to the way it is edited and the feel and style you get from it.

So there are really two things to look for in a wedding photography. Style and fit. If you love someone's style, but you don't click, you'll never feel comfortable together. And if you vibe and your photographer becomes your best friend, but you're not drawn to their style, that can be difficult too.

So it's always best if you can find someone who matches you on both points.


Although there are many editing styles of wedding photography, the actual photography itself can generally be categorised into 3 main areas, Reportage/Documentary wedding photography, traditional and classic wedding photography. There's a fourth ... a creative and artistic style. But usually each of the main three genres will have some elements of creativity and artistry.

Also important to note is quality. Just because a photographer may fall into the same category as others doesn’t mean they are all the same quality nor their services the same. But narrowing down the style you're drawn to will at least point you in the right direction to start your search.

If we can help in any way, don't hesitate to reach out.

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