The Wedding Getting Ready Timeline
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The Wedding Getting Ready Timeline

There’s a lot to think about on your wedding morning, but we always recommend that brides get their dresses on in plenty of time.


In those minutes after your hair and makeup are done and your dress is on, you are looking your most perfect. This is the time we love to get your bridal images. Window light, some quiet time with your photographer to get some quintessential wedding portraits of you looking like the star that you are.

The one thing that happens all too often is that time runs out. Those last few minutes running out the door are chaos and your photographer doesn't have that beautiful little bit of time to photograph you at your most perfect.

So we recommend that you finish getting ready at least half an hour before you need to leave. At least!! And stick to that timeline. We know things sometimes run over time. But when things run over time, it's your photo time that gets cut. And that's just such a shame. As it's your photos that are yours forever. Don't give up your photo time because your timeline wasn't as well planned as you thought.

And then it's time to walk down that aisle!! Those ‘big reveal’ shots when friends and family see the bride for the first time are among my favorites. Just plan and pad in as much time as you can in all areas of your timeline. Trust us. You'll need it!

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