Vogue Photographer Leslie Kee & Joshua Ogg’s Wedding
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Vogue Photographer Leslie Kee & Joshua Ogg’s Wedding

We are the love.

Yes. We really are the love. It was a festival of love. A celebration of people. Of humanity. And of course equality. A star-studded billboard style wedding reception, telecast live worldwide on WoWOW for Leslie and Joshua. Uplifting. Emotional. And of course, joyously them. ⁠A spectacular gay wedding in Tokyo, Japan.

It is always a daunting and perhaps a little overwhelming when asked to photograph another photographer’s wedding. Especially if they happen to be one of the most sought after fashion photographers in the world. But photographing love is what we do. And everyone’s unique story, their history. In this case, so many histories intertwined to form this amazing group of creatives, family and friends all gathered to celebrate the marriage of Leslie and Joshua. Two beautiful souls. With passion and vision. Strength and conviction. We are so grateful our paths crossed.⁠

With all the challenges of 2020… it was even more special & poignant. Congratulations Leslie and Joshua. @joshualeslieoggkee⁠ From our hearts to yours. xo ♥️⁠

JOSHUA OGG & LESLIE KEE Wedding Party & Special Live with Friends.

To celebrate the marriage of these two gorgeous men, artists from all genres such as Maki Ohguro, Ayaka Hirahara and Tetsuya Komuro, gathered to perform and give their blessings to the newlyweds through a music festival titled “WE ARE THE LOVE JOSHUA OGG & LESLIE KEE Wedding Party & Special Live with Friends.”

The reception showcased festive performances from popular musicians such as Ayaka Hirahara, Anri, Yu Hayami, and Maki Ohguro, headed by music directors Satoshi Takebe and Tetsuya Komuro. Former sumo-star and now entertainer Konishiki played his ukulele while several VIP guests danced to Hawaiian tunes.

The Happy Couple

This wedding party was truly special as the couple added to LGBTQ history in Japan. They obtained a partnership certificate in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo last September. “It’s been 30 years since I came to Japan and 2020 has become a year that every country will never forget. I want to convey the beauty of living and the importance of life,” Leslie said.

Japan is a country where same-sex marriage is not possible everywhere yet, but Leslie hopes Japan will become a more diverse and inclusive country in the future. “I wanted to give a message to many people... I hope our true love can give courage to many people in Japan,” Leslie added.

The couple met three years ago with Leslie recalling it as a love at first sight. Last year, on Mother’s Day, Leslie finally made a surprise proposal in Ohio. Joshua’s family was present. “I asked them to keep it a secret,” Leslie said.

At the wedding reception, Hiraha said, “I want to express my love and dreams as freely as Leslie. He is a person who is full of love.” LiLico, who first arrived at the venue also said, “I wish you both love for a long time. I want you to be happy. ”Daikoku, a long time friend of the couple also gave his wishes. “Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. The other day, when I was listening to your story, I cried in tears and made a song. Last year, I was at my lowest but you both make me want to believe in love again.”

Despite the difficult situation due to Covid-19, the couple’s love for music and desire to reconnect ties with people has made the event possible.

Location: Tokyo American Club, Tokyo, Japan.

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