Typhoon Wedding in Tokyo
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Typhoon Wedding in Tokyo

We had one of the biggest typhoons of the past century storm it's way into Tokyo on one of our busiest weekends of the year.

But WOW were those weddings memorable. And for all the right reasons.

Our couples embraced their day. They were wet and everything was moved indoors. Their guests had fun and banded together to make the day completely unforgettable. It might not be the day you had in mind, but if you open yourself to it, your wedding day could end up being even better than anything you could have imagined.

Here are a few little tips that might help if you're wanting to plan for inclement weather.

Hair and Makeup

A few makeup tips to keep your wedding day makeup in place on a rainy day! Check with your makeup artist, but sometimes makeup for wet weather is done a little differently. You'll want to talk about this with you makeup artist. Especially if you're doing a trial, as it might end up being slightly different on a wet weather day. Our makeup artists make sure to use a primer under your foundation to mattify the skin which helps keep your makeup in place all day. Use invisible setting powder. Hello, waterproof mascara. You should be using waterproof mascara anyway for all those happy tear moments. Set your makeup with a setting spray. You makeup will stay gorgeous all day. Rain, hail or shine.

And of course, you'll have to embrace the slightly imperfect hair. Have your bridal portraits done immediately after your hair and makeup is finished. You'll be looking perfect and spectacular. And the rain won't have had a chance to loosen any stray locks yet. Once you head out into the rain, an umbrella can only protect your do so much. So embrace it. You'll look slightly wet... but authentic and real. A chic bedraggled look. It's more beautiful than it sounds. We promise. You. Will. Look. Divine. No. Matter. What.

Choose Your Photographer Carefully

I always have a little stress pointing this out to some of our couples. But just as there are different skill sets in just about every profession, the same goes for photographer. There are just some that are more qualified, more experienced and with a more elevated skill set. The word 'photographer' doesn't mean that everyone falls under the same banner.

Of course when choosing your photographer, there's the fit and connection to consider. And their style. But experience in bad weather is crucial. You only have to do a quick search online to find a multitude of stories of couples whose chosen photographers didn't have the experience to cope with difficult situations that come up from time to time at weddings.

As planners, we always tell our couples that you're hiring a photographer not for everything that will go right on a wedding day. But for everything that will go wrong. That's when their experience kicks in and your investment truly shows.

So just as with venue choice, make the right decision regarding your photographer and you’ll have wedding photos to treasure whatever the weather. This is where Your Perfect Wedding Photographer can help! Get in touch with a few photographers, don’t just book the first one you see. Arrange an initial meeting and make sure one of your questions is “What will you do if it rains?” And then ask to see a full real wedding gallery of a rainy wedding. Not just one highlight photo. You need to know how they handle the full day.

throw in some extra shoes & a cool umbrella!

As the saying goes: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Nothing worse than running through rain in Jimmy Choos. However, perhaps wear them for the ceremony and them embrace a rain change of footwear. What about those VERY cool wedding Converse! A change of footwear makes getting outside with a great umbrella that much easier. And gives you the opportunity to dance and play in the rain. And yes, your dress will probably get wet! Breathe deep - let it go. Or have a second more casual dress on hand for your rain photos.

We say it time and time again. But your wedding day is yours. It's your anniversary date forever. So completely embrace it and love it and cherish whatever the heavens throw at you. With the right right mindset, the right planner and the right photographer, your day will still be everything you dreamed it would be. Probably better!

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