Tsunamachi Mitsui Club Wedding
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Tsunamachi Mitsui Club Wedding

The Maestro and the Fashion Designer at a stunning Tokyo Wedding Venue

It was epic. It was breathtaking.

Keitaro is the conductor of the Savannah Symphony Orchestra and The Maestro and the Fashion Designer. It was epic. It was breathtaking.Yuri, the granddaughter of famous royal family fashion designer, Takeo Nisheda. Their wedding was a meeting of art. Of style. Of culture. Celebrating music. Celebrating dance. Celebrating love and family. All the the historical Tsunamachi Mitsui Club in Tokyo.

The Tsunamachi Mitsui Club is the perfect luxury wedding venue in Tokyo.

A member's club for the Mitsui Group and constructed more than a century ago in 1913, the main building began its history as a guesthouse for the Mitsui family. It's a stately, historic establishment located in a tranquil environment rich with the colors of the seasons, a wedding planner's dream and a wedding photographer's delight. An added bonus was working with the incredible Hatsuko Endo wedding team.
With a Georgian interior scattered art throughout; numerous paintings and sculptures by masters such as Turner and Rodin, it's like a spectacular museum. If you're looking for a luxury Tokyo wedding venue, the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club checks every box.

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Location: Tsunamachi Mitsui Club, 2-3-7 Mita Minato-ku 108-0073.

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