Top 10 Reasons to elope in Japan
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Top 10 Reasons to elope in Japan

Destination weddings win every time.

It’s a trend one in four couples are embracing and they’re ESPECIALLY EMBRACING JAPAN. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to hold your Destination Wedding in Japan from 37 Frames. We’ll embed it here but please head on over to YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to our new channel. We’ve only just started it and just need a couple of supportive subscribers to make it an official business page. YES, we know!!! We’re late off the mark. However, Dee’s wedding planning tips over the coming year will be worth it, we promise.

Thinking of getting married in Japan?

Whether it’s a wedding or an elopement Japan is such an exciting and romantic option. An outdoor wedding at Mt Fuji, garden weddings in Tokyo, or cherry blossom weddings in Kyoto. There’s something for everyone and so many secret and off the beaten path locations. All waiting for those adventurous couples wanting a truly unique experience.

So here’s a little advice from Dee at 37 Frames to help you decide if Japan is the place for you. (Which of course, it is!)

And don’t forget to check out the 37 Frames TOP Reasons to Elope in 2020 and 2021 because it’s going to be a year full of intimate love. Weddings and elopements and all the reasons we can think of to hold your wedding here in this amazing place.

Start Planning Your Dream Wedding or Dream Elopement in Japan

Japan truly is a beautiful wedding destination, especially for couples who are looking for something completely different. As we mentioned in the YouTube video above, nowhere else in the world manages to blend the cool and the weird with the traditional and historical for instance. The service is impeccable and there’s exceptional cuisine. And incredible natural scenery. It’s impossible for you (and your guests) not to totally fall in love with Japan and her people.

We totally adore our couples exchanging vows in an ancient Shinto shrine or under delicate cherry blossoms. And the backdrop of spectacular fall leaves is always a favorite as well.

And do you know what? You have us here at 37 Frames to guide you too. Destination wedding specialists, with decades of experience and we’re always here to help. If you think a Destination Wedding in Japan is for you, just drop us a quick message and we’ll get right back to you.

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