Tokyo’s 9 Most Stunning Engagement Photoshoot Locations
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Tokyo’s 9 Most Stunning Engagement Photoshoot Locations

Japan has long been a favorite place to visit!

And has SO many picture-worthy spots for you to have stunning engagement photos.

Don't forget to ask your photographer about permits!! Most places in Tokyo need a permit to shoot. This should always be included in your package. If your photographer doesn't arrange your photography permits at these locations, it's very likely you'll be asked to leave. For a smooth and professional experience, make sure the correct steps are taken.

Here are our top 9 most-loved pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot spots around Tokyo where you can capture its rich cultural essence and also the natural scenery.

1. Shiba Park (permit needed)

One of the most iconic features of Tokyo is definitely the Tokyo Tower and you can catch it in its full glory at Shiba Park. You can stay till the evening when the tower is most beautiful when illuminated with a warm glow! Permits for this park have been needed for photography since 2019 and they're very strict. But once your permit has been obtained it's the perfect place to get great photos of you and Tokyo Tower.

2. Shinjuku Gyoen (No wedding dress allowed in spring)

Shinjuku Gyoen is arguably the most beautiful park in Tokyo with its expansive field where you can enjoy an afternoon picnic while fully immersing in the peaceful atmosphere. This park is beautiful across all seasons and especially so during the Sakura and winter season! Shinjuku-gyoen has stopped allowing pre-wedding photos during cherry blossom season. But casual clothes are allowed and it's still always spectacular.

3. Tokyo Station

The Tokyo station stands out with its unique Western architectural style amongst the metropolitan buildings that surrounds it. It is one of the most beautiful buildings you can find in the entire Tokyo city and it is best to visit in the evening so you can catch it’s beauty both in the day and at night! This is now a favorite pre-wedding spot so you might be sharing it with a lot of other couples and their photographers. But take turns and be polite and patient. These beautiful Tokyo Station photos are always worth it.

4. Shinjuku Memory Lane

Like its name, walking down this narrow alley of traditional Japanese restaurants will bring you on a trip down Japan’s memory lane. This is quite a hidden gem as most people prefer walking around the modernised shopping areas at the Shinjuku district nearby!

It is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot and you will get a true taste of olden Tokyo while basking in the local Japanese culture.

The local restaurant owners are getting a little stressed with photography in this tiny street. They feel that taking photos here is blocking the entrance to their restaurants and shops. So if you're keen to take photos here, make it fast. Perhaps just a stroll up the street. And then show your appreciation by eating there after the shoot is done. Always support the locals.

5. Sumida Park

Sumida Park is located along the Sumida River, and many tourists flock to the park during the cherry blossoms season to catch stunning views of the baby pink sakura. At the park, you can also capture views of the spectacular Tokyo Sky Tree in the background!

6. Zojoji Temple (PERMIT NEEDED)

Located just near Shiba Koen, the Zojoji Temple is one of our favourite temples in Tokyo. You can experience the Japanese’s main religion and its practices in this temple but remember to abide by their rules and always show respect.

7. Roppongi Hills Skydeck

Roppongi hills is deemed a city in a city because this building complex has apartments, offices and restaurants all within its compound. Located right in the middle of it all is the observatory tower, where you can get a panoramic view of the entire Tokyo city.

8. Shibuya Crossing

Everyone knows of the renowned Shibuya Crossing where thousands of people pass through this crossing every single day. This is a must-visit spot for all tourists to experience the busiest intersection in the whole world. You can also visit the famous Hachiko statue just nearby!

The view in the day and night is completely different but we definitely prefer the latter, when the city looks like a sky full of stars!

9. Harajuku

Harajuku. the funky fashion street in Tokyo!! Known for its colorful street art and youth fashion. It is the perfect location to capture the bustling crowd!

So here's our guide some of the most iconic Tokyo engagement photography locations.(And don't forget Tokyo Disneyland!!)

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