Tokyo Wedding Photography : The Tokyo American Club
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Tokyo Wedding Photography : The Tokyo American Club

We remain spellbound by the beautiful, emotional stories we have been so lucky to share in this year.

With so many more to come.

“Love is a lot like dancing; you just surrender to the music.” ~ Pierce Brosnon

We take a breath. And then get ready for more. More of the amazing, seemingly endless parade of characters past our cameras. They swan in, swan out. They are there and then gone. Memories in the making (theirs and certainly ours).

And a story we will never soon forget is today’s featured post. And their gorgeous, glamorous Tokyo May wedding. Magical, nautical-inspired, real, so-utterly-in-love, and just a little bit glittery 1920’s meets Mad Men. Oh, yes. Oh-so-us.

From the getting ready and all those intimate moments, to the groomsmen and those suits, to the bride's dream gowns (x2), the titanic bridal party and then with family & friends flying in from all over the world… it was all divine, so full of sentiment & feeling. A dream in the making.

Throw in a lovely harbor-side setting, a stylish reception, cakes, more than 1 bouquet toss, all those delightful details and we’re ready. Add the lavender, the color scheme, those butterfly shoes (sigh…), the speeches, that incredible TAC nijikai, the first dance, yes… it had to be a… TANGO and a couple who get the importance of the photography and we are so there.

It was a beautiful whirlwind. Our fabulous Associate Photographers Anu & Emma kept up with us even when there was seemingly no time – amazed at the differences here especially when it come to the formal photography (and lack of) time allocated by tight Japanese scheduling. We will always challenge this, push the cultural & traditional boundaries. Because we absolutely understand the value in this once the day is done. We will keep going our way passionately, and love the couples who come on board with us. So today we set sail…falling in love with life a little bit more. Set your course, anchors aweigh…

A Stunning Tokyo American Club Wedding.

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