Tokyo Rooftop Elopement
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Tokyo Rooftop Elopement

Iconic Tokyo Skyline Elopements

A Rooftop Elopement with Tokyo Skytree View

Amazing Tokyo. Buildings and skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. In Tokyo, more than any one sight, it’s the city itself that enchants you. Always changing, and with a diverse collection of neighborhoods, no two experiences of the city are ever the same. And every experience in Tokyo is deeply personal. Best of all, this vast metropolis has some of the top skyline views in the world. By day you see all the spectacularly unique buildings and towers. And at night, you’ll feel as though you’re looking out at a sea of stars. Elope on a Tokyo Rooftop.

Float high over Tokyo. On a downtown rooftop. Watch the sunset melt into twilight and sparkling city lights while exchanging vows. This small, intimate rooftop gives you the perfect backdrop of Tokyo Skytree. With an industrial, modern vibe, this little rooftop can be as romantic as it is cool. Think neon and icons. Think Tokyo.

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