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A Tokyo Love Story | Professional Photographers Japan


There’s no other city in the world like it.

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Endlessly captivating and fascinating. Equally mind-boggling, incessant and non-stop crazy. And even with all that it’s sometimes easy to forget we live here. You get used to it, living in this strangely familiar place that’s unrelenting in spinning you for a loop on a daily basis.

Once you think you’ve got it all figured out, then you know for sure you never have. But again it all becomes the everyday (a very only-in-Japan-kind-of-everyday). And it’s in those times of illuminating reality that we love to get down to it. And discover where we are, what we’re doing and how life is right now. And that’s why we adore our Day in the Life experiences.

Dovetailing, documenting, making time to remember life now, because tomorrow is here all too soon. It feels like yesterday but today’s featured post is from a Day in the Life session late last year. And this was a special one. It was time for them to be together, the fittest they’d ever been, tackling a huge personal/physical and everything-in-between challenge. From their home floating above the bustle, to the neighborhood, tunnels of love, a shrine or two, it was almost a regular Saturday afternoon (with an impressive cast of characters & locations in their life together).

A gorgeous afternoon glow, the whole experience unfolded so effortlessly, yes, even outside Propganda…we’re not saying how that fits into their story (but of course it does, and for most of us here it will factor in at some point…). On this day we had the added bonus of a guy with a gold manbag. Love this town. We adore you. And we love that you just let us run with all your suggestions. From hanging out on YOUR (Audi) corner (for the lingering goodbye in the dating days), to the endless laughter, beautiful, meaningful conversations, the game center debacle and cocktails at the end (that would still be going if we hadn’t had a wedding to photograph the next day – truth be told…).

Tokyo never looked better. You are dazzling together and so meant to be. We loved taking on the city for this, your Day in the Life…

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