Tokyo Garden Elopements
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Tokyo Garden Elopements

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Tokyo is busy and bustling. And an electric energy. But here and there dotted throughout the city are beautiful respites. Some big. Some small. But always beautiful. A simple garden elopement in Tokyo is an enchanting story. Think of the excitement of getting ready in your Tokyo stay. Kimono, or yukata, or wedding attire. Whatever is ‘you’. Then picked up and whisked off to a beautiful city park or garden. Heartfelt, meaningful words exchanged. And your story beautifully recorded naturally and authentically, all in this amazing city location.

While the parks aren’t private, they’re still a lovely option for couples looking for a simple ceremony. Permits are always required and it’s important to note that different parks have different regulations at different times of year. And there are often block off dates where permits aren’t available. For a full day option, we extend the experience to completely compliment you. Whether it’s a visit to a local shrine, or a rooftop toast. Perhaps some love on the infamous Shibuya crossing. Some sake tasting or maybe cutting a cake at a Michelin starred restaurant. However you imagine the day, we bring the vision to life.

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