Tokyo Garden Elopement Plans and packages
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Tokyo Garden Elopement Plans and packages

Tokyo Garden Elopements

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Just a little way out of Tokyo in a beautiful historical town known as ‘Little Edo’ there’s a perfect small, private garden. Just for you. A magical elopement experience in this Castle Town. It’s an adventure of a day. Moments and memories.

You can start with either a stroll in yukata through the historical streets. Or not too far away are the spectacular pink moss flowers when in season. You could also start the day with a river rafting experience. Yes, you heard that right! In the most spectacular of ravines, for the adventurous couple. Then, return to your castle town where you’ll start getting ready for your perfect private garden ceremony. Quiet and serene. Perfectly Japanese. A family-owned garden for more than 150 years. You’re welcomed with Matcha green tea and traditional Japanese sweets. Exchange beautiful vows and celebrate. Or do the whole day in reverse! The day is yours.

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Garden Elopement Plans in Tokyo

37 Frames, seen in Vogue, New York Times, Good Morning America, and more, has an amazing collection of elopement plans and ideas. All collated and collected over their 20 year experience of planning weddings and adventure elopements in Japan. Information on garden elopements in Tokyo are some of our most requested elopement packages. And we’re thrilled to be able to create customizable just-for-you plans. Make sure to contact us here to schedule a video consult. We can’t wait to meet you.

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