Tokyo City Of Love | Engagement Photos in Shibuya
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Tokyo City Of Love | Engagement Photos in Shibuya

Everyone knows of the renowned Shibuya Crossing where thousands of people pass through this crossing every single day.

This is a must-visit spot for all tourists to experience the busiest intersection in the whole world. You can also visit the famous Hachiko statue just nearby!

“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.” ~ Richard Bach

Today it's Tokyo that's the city of Love. We share a Tokyo take on today’s loved-up city vibe. And it was beyond joyful to meet these two gorgeous Californians.

Back in the town where they met and the city they fell in love. No photos then, so it was more than time now to tell their Tokyo story. We connected from the minute we met and spent the peaceful, dreamy morning in Tokyo’s most iconic of locations.

Quiet, secluded and traditional collides with the pulse of the city on that crossing for that dip shot which as to be a new fave. Along with a romp through the perfectly timed blossoms. Head over heels in photos. It all came together so naturally, so real, dovetailing who they are. Made for each other, soulmates in the city.

And we ended the day with those iconic engagement photos on epic Shibuya Crossing.

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