Tenku-no Torii (Torii gate in the sky) at Mt Fuji
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Tenku-no Torii (Torii gate in the sky) at Mt Fuji

A beautiful new addition to a Kawaguchiko wedding or elopement.

Tenku-no Torii (Torii gate in the sky) is a stunning place for photos. For a blessing. For an adventure elopement. It's a part of the Kawaguchi Asama Shrine. So permits are still needed for everything of course. Our team is ready to help with local permissions. We're in love with the entire Kawaguchiko area. There's a spirituality and feeling of harmony here. It's a power spot in Japan and we're always overwhelmed by the entire energy emanating from this beautiful heart of Japan.

It's a realatively new addition to the Kawaguchiko area. The torii gate was built in the spring of 2019, so that Mt.Fuji could be worshiped from high on the hill. It's a little hike up the mountain. About 30 minutes on foot from Kawaguchi Asama Shrine. You can get there by car, but parking is not available and the road is very narrow. Some people were just stopping/parking on the side of the narrow road, but they're being very strict about not allowing that anymore. So it's best to hike up. And we're pretty sure that in the near future, hiking up will be the only way to visit.

Cherry Blossoms with a view of Mt Fuji

Or if you go a little further up, there is Hahano Shirataki Shrine. There's a parking area there and you can walk back along the road to the torii. A lot of cherry blossom saplings are planted on the site. Cuttings of the three major cherry trees in Japan are also planted there. They will grow into iconic symbols in about a decade. We can't wait to see what they'll look like in 2030. Can you image getting married here, then coming back for a 10 year anniversary to see how the trees have blossomed and grown. Putting down deep roots and growing in strength. A metaphor for your life together.

With a view of Mt Fuji, a stunning torii gate and a forest of cherry blossom trees starting to grow, this location is going to become one of the most iconic views in all of Japan. If not one of the most iconic views in the world. Plan ahead. Get married in Japan.

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