Sparkler Exits at Weddings
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Sparkler Exits at Weddings

Tips and Techniques to Photographing Sparkler Exits at Weddings

The wedding sparkler exit is an iconic way to finish your wedding day!

One of the most popular trends in bride and groom exits today is the sparkler exit. When these photos turn out, the result can be stunning. Taken poorly, and the exit photos (quite literally) can go up in flames.

Here are a few tried and true tips for making sparkler exit photos show their true wedding day magic.

How to Photograph a sparkler exit

Be prepared. Being prepared might mean you need to slip away from the reception slightly early to scope out the path of exit and get your gear calibrated for the available light, or get external lighting set up. Ideally, see if you can steal the couple away before their big exit to get a few test shots and get some creative shots with just them and a few sparklers.

How to Prepare the Bride and Groom for Their Sparkler Exit

If the couple tells you before the big day that they will have a sparkler exit, take the opportunity to suggest that they purchase the longest sparklers possible. Longer sparklers have a more extended burn rate and cast more ambient light on the group. Short sparklers can cast a harsher light, burn quickly.

Communicate with the wedding planner and ask them to give you a heads-up before the couple comes out. Also, communicate with your couple and tell them how to exit to best get the shot you want.

For the best chance of nailing the shot ask your couple or their wedding planner to:

  • Plan the sparkler exit away from harsh lighting such as the entryway lights or streetlights.
  • Pause a few times through the procession. Have them pause at the top of the path and strike a pose so you can take a quick test shot before rapid fire as they exit down the rest of the path. Suggest a dramatic kiss, or that they wave to their friends and family.
  • have the couple stop about ¾ of the way through the sparkler line, that way they’re well lit from all directions.
  • Walk slowly and enjoy the last moments of the reception. Tell them to resist the urge to run.

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