What Sort of Wedding Photography Package do I need?
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What Sort of Wedding Photography Package do I need?

As with everything in life, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography.

What do I look for in photography PACKAGES?

Most couples will want a full package, with 10-12 hours of coverage by two photographers, expert editing, and professional delivery. With photographers who are exceptional in their field and can make your experience beautiful not just for you, but also your wedding party, your family and friends. These full coverage options are the absolute best way to record your day if you can plan on photography being a priority in your wedding budget.

All of this comes at a cost. And wedding budgets come in all shapes and sizes. So talk honestly to your photographer about your budget so they can suggest ways you can get the most for your money. Your photographer will explain the differences in having one photographer or two to cover your day. They'll help you by cutting hours. Perhaps arriving just prior to the ceremony and cutting the getting ready hours of coverage. They'll work on as many options as possible to work with your budget.

But, and we know we're bias, but we're speaking as wedding planners and not as photographers right now. If possible, allocate as much as you can for a full coverage photography package. Look at saving money in other areas to maximize your photography budget. It's so important to remember that your photos will be one of the only things after the wedding showcasing your beautiful celebration. The anticipation, the emotion, the moments. Your investment in professional wedding photography is never regretted. And wedding photography only increases in value over time. So if it's matter of cutting some design elements in favor of putting more towards your photography, please take our advice. Trust us.

Everyone has a budget and different photographers offer different packages. Decide what you want, do you want the photographer to provide a completed album for you too? Do you just want all the photos on a USB? Do you want an engagement shoot? Think about your requirements and let the photographer know, they will be able to adjust packages they offer to suit your needs and may help with your budget too.

Why we love this photo

This is an image from an incredible destination wedding in Napa at the Silverado Resort and Spa. This couple knew how important their photos were going to be and made sure to put a lot of their budget into a full coverage wedding collection. We love this photo because it's outside in The Grove. Just as the sun's setting. The two of us in different locations, using different lenses and telling their story in a cinematic way as they first dance the night away. We love this photo because we get just as much joy from recording these stories as the joy the people in the images are experiencing.

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