Same Sex Wedding Photography in Tokyo
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Same Sex Wedding Photography in Tokyo

Same-sex Weddings in Japan.

Rainbow weddings are on the rise in Japan! At 37 Frames we believe strongly in equality, and are proud to be part of the LGBT community and support it with all the "love wins" rallying cries we can muster. Although same-sex marriage isn’t yet legally recognized in Japan, we're here to celebrate everyone's right to love. Same sex wedding photography and weddings in Tokyo are growing in understanding and more importantly, becoming so celebrated from the cross-cultural influences of international visitors. Japan is eager for change and the international LGBT community deciding on Japan for their destination weddings are actually increasing the rights of Japan’s own LGBT community. And that's amazing.

Love is love

As of 2019, twenty-three municipalities (from Sapporo on Hokkaido in the north to Fukuoka on Kyushu in the south) and one prefecture issue same-sex partnership certificates with a growing number of venues and shrines welcoming couples with open arms. Without official legalities, the weddings are only celebratory in nature, however having a wedding ceremony in Japan can be an incredible experience for LGBT couples. Celebrating with all the beauty and grace for which Shinto weddings are rightly known or all the modern uban chic for which Tokyo is famous for.

Having been a part of LGBTQ weddings around the world, either as photographer, consultant or planner, we're overwhelmed that Japan is finally a growing choice for same sex destination weddings. As it should be.

Contact us to help us plan your same sex wedding in Tokyo. We're the rainbow wedding team in Japan.

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