Secure Your Date and Wedding Venue First
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Secure Your Date and Wedding Venue First

Though this step may seem obvious and simple, it’s also super important!

Picking your date and venue will impact every other decision you make for your wedding.

You’ll want to make these decisions as early as you can. Some venues book years in advance and certain days of the year (hello long-weekend Saturdays!) are super popular. You wedding planner will only take a certain number of weddings per year. And your photographers too. And you mightn't realize it ... but whatever date you choose for your wedding, a planner or photographer will always have more inquiries for your date.

With only 52 weekends in a year. That's only 52 couples out of thousands getting married. Everyone vying for quality vendors. It's something that a lot of couples don't realize.

But setting your date and venue set makes planning much smoother. Some venues even have lists of preferred vendors which make starting to plan easier! As wedding photographers, we love being brought into a wedding that already has a set date and venue. It helps us to be able to start brainstorming ideas for your photography right away based on season, location, architecture, and more.

TIP: Be flexible on your date/season. It could help you snag your dream venue and maybe even save you money!

And can we just say... HAVE A WEEKDAY WEDDING!!! Lots of discounts from a range of vendors for weekday weddings. It's a great way to save.

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