Sawara Waterfront Elopement
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Sawara Waterfront Elopement

Known as Small Edo, Sawara in Chiba Prefecture, Japan is the perfect elopement location.

Experience this beautiful historical village

We had the most magical day with these two beautiful souls. Starting at sunrise in the deserted streets. And enjoying the day as the town filled with bustle of shops opening and people coming into down. The town of Sawara is about 2 hours outside of Tokyo. It is located in Chiba Prefecture. Along the Ono River that passed through the town, there remains a quaint town that retains the charm of the Edo period. It is perfect for eloping. Perfect for proposals and engagement shoots. And with easy to access from Tokyo, it should be considered as a great location for a destination wedding in Japan. Guests will absolutely love it.

The town of Sawara, where the taste of the Edo era remains

The city of Sawara became Kanto’s first designated “important building group preservation area.” There are many houses that have been preserved due to being passed down through families, with new generations inheriting the old family homes and businesses. They are now “living townscapes.”

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