Ryokan Elopement packages in Japan
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Ryokan Elopement packages in Japan

Japanese Ryokan Elopements. Iconic beauty just outside Tokyo.

Elope in a historical Japanese Ryokan.

Japanese Ryokan Elopements are divine. Be a part of history. The quintessential Japanese elopement location. Nestled away in the backstreets of a small town in Kanagawa is a ryokan with a multitude of history, going all the way back to the Kamakura shoguns. A Japanese garden to get lost in; stone pathways, wild bamboo, a carp pond and a beautiful little private shrine, this Japanese inn is a dream elopement location. Only 1 hour from the center of Tokyo, with famous hot-springs and celebrated cuisine. Elope in their beautiful garden and stay on your wedding night in a traditional Japanese suite. Private wedding dinner for 2 and then hot spring the night away.

The hot springs swelling up from under the mountain, full of healing and romance. Stories through the ages have been made here. It’s just waiting to add yours to it’s family of tales.

Make it a full day elopement or intimate wedding in Japan.

To make a full day adventure elopement we add to the above (Japanese Ryokan Elopements) with so many ideas – all curated to you as a couple.

An example of a recent elopement we planned at the ryokan: Basing yourself at the ryokan for a garden ceremony or up in their little on-site shrine, adding more to your day to create an unforgettable experience. Whisked away to a secluded park, with Mt Fuji views on fine days and cherry blossoms dotted throughout when in season. Next, a picnic or just a stroll to see Mt Fuji; she’d love to give you her blessing.

Elope On Top of A Mountain

Next we head up (via cable car) to an incredible shrine set high on top of a mountain. Amazing scenic views, a deep history and religious significance. With a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain areas and beautiful fall colors, we can hike a little along the trail and make the stories of this area a part of your own.

According to the legend here, in the 7th century a golden eagle took a young child from Kanagawa and carried him across the country to Nara, and set him down in the branches of a cedar tree near a legendary temple. The boy’s parents ventured across Japan for many years in search of their son. They made it to Nara and stopped at the famous temple to pray, where they finally discovered their son, now grown, and together they returned to Kanagawa where they founded this beautiful mountaintop shrine.

This shrine and it’s stories are about unconditional love, persistence and of return journeys. The perfect themes for a committed life together.

Interested in eloping in Tokyo? Make sure to contact us here to schedule a video consult. We can’t wait to meet you.

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