Royal Pita Maha Bali Destination Wedding, Ubud
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Royal Pita Maha Bali Destination Wedding, Ubud

Weddings in Tropical Paradise

Bali is like no other place on earth.

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me away…” ~ The Rolling Stones

A truly beautiful & epic Bali destination wedding today. A very special celebration we had all been waiting for, especially after the Pre-wedding and engagement experience. The wedding story was steeped in culture, gorgeous design, much, much LOVE and one amazing party. The stage couldn’t have been more striking, amid the stunning grounds of the Royal Pita Maha Hotel.

Dramatic cliffs & breathtaking jungle views, collided with a perfect tranquil riverside setting in the heart of Bali – Ubud. Lia & Aron, we would have gone anywhere for this, but that you chose Bali ended up being utterly, totally extra-ordinary. It was a perfect storm of planning & vision.

Handmade by the bride herself; her gorgeous wedding dress, the darling bridesmaid dresses, the groom, groomsmen, bridesman bowties & pocket squares were all lovingly handcrafted from vintage Japanese kimonos sourced specifically for the special day (you can see much, much more & even order a gown HERE from her bespoke label Tokyo Kaleidoscope.)

It was a dream, infused with Japan, a common denominator for them, us and many guests. Then throw in the setting, the bridal party, bridesmaids (with the most fabulous bridesman EVER!!), groomsmen, the vows, the walk down, the walk up, the parade, the kecak performance, the firewalkers and then that most-amazing reception venue – The Temple…it was one gasp after another.

And one most fabulous reception (with a killer soundtrack), the very best people, a dance floor that is still on fire, a moving lantern release and a send-off literally no-one wanted to leave… It was all this & more, best told in images enveloped in love…

Many thanks to the stellar team at Botanica Weddings who were an absolute dream to work with!!

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Location: Royal Pita Maha, Ubud, Bali.

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