Roppongi Hills Club Wedding
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Roppongi Hills Club Wedding

We LOVE weddings at the Roppongi Hills Club, a fabulous Members Club occupying the entire 51st Floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

It overlooks Tokyo and is one of the most sought-after wedding and event spaces in town. While Roppongi is synonymous with fun and partying, it's also a gathering place for lovers of culture and the arts, especially there at the Mori tower which boasts one of the most spectacular museums in Tokyo along with that famous Observation Deck floating high above the city lights. A surprise proposal on that Roppongi Observation Deck is still one of our all-time favorite memories. What a beautiful job we have.

Tokyo Holiday Illumination

The image above is one of our most requested images, for wedding couples, pre-wedding couples and engagement clients too. The winter illumination at Roppongi Keyakizaka Street has recently been one of most popular spots to visit in Tokyo during the holidays and saw over over 7 million visitors last year alone. The streets are lined with trees decorated with approx 700,000 LED lights, which mainly display cool colors to fit in with a snow theme. However, intermittently those 7000,000 lights turn red for a few minutes and we see our world turn from snow blue to a festive Christmas red.

Photographing LED lights can be difficult due to the different intensities and wavelengths of light emitted. There's a “flickering” issue when photographing LEDs that are similar to when you photograph a TV screen. But after working out the hz and which shutter speed would catch a full cycle of lights, we beautifully recorded the Roppongi illumination and our couple in a single frame.

After a stunning wedding, we were thrilled to create this last shot of the night. What a fabulous way to close out a once in a lifetime day. Roppongi memories are wedding perfect.

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Location: Roppongi Hills Club.

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