Rainy Day Wedding Tokyo
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Rainy Day Wedding Tokyo

Rainy Wedding Day Tips

Embrace your wedding day, whatever the weather is!

It doesn't matter if it's an epic destination wedding in Japan or an adventure elopement in the remote coutryside, the weather in Japan is unpredicable. Japan's weather is full of surprises. Typhoons can happen. Even on your Wedding Day. (Tokyo's biggest typhoon in 50 years came to town on one of our busiest weekends of the year recently). We know everyone dreams of the perfect blue sky wedding day. Sunsets and clear skies. But the reality is, it could rain on your wedding day. And rather than invest in negative disappointment, change it around. Embrace your day. It's yours. Rain, hail or shine. It's your unique story. And that's what counts.

Rain drops on your wedding day are teardrops saved.

One of the joys of a rainy wedding day is overcast light. We love it. It's like a giant softbox. Flattering skintones and much more forgiving than hard sun light can be. And we can photograph at any time of day. On sunny days, we do our best to avoid photographing outdoors between the hours of 11am-2pm. If possible. Photography is all about light. And all those photographs you've pinned on Pintrest? Guess what... they won't have been taken during those hours. Unless it was indoors or in a shaded area. Quality light is the difference between good photography and amazing photography. And on an overcast day... we don't have to work with the unforgiving sun. That's a plus for you, right? (Just putting out the positive here!!!)

In the image above, we had had a beautiful clear day for the ceremony but just as our couple portrait time started we were hit with huge Tokyo storm. Thunder and lightning everywhere. But this is the image everyone loves and remembers. And this is the image that's an artpiece in their home. Embrace the day it's yours.

On sunny days, even if we find shade under a tree, harsh sunlight coming through trees leave a green tint on everything below and often speckled light and shadow. This matters to us. Giving our couples and their families the best quality images we can matters. So cloudy days make our time together a dream. With being able to shoot in any direction. And at any time of day. It's a huge plus. Trust us.

Have a Plan B

When we're talking full rain, we try to plan ahead. We watch the weather reports constantly before a wedding or elopement in Japan. And if it looks like rain, we talk to our couples about including umbrellas, rain boots and about being able to let go of their initial vision for the day. Some of our most memorable weddings over the past 20 years have been rainy day weddings. And that's been because our couples that have embraced the day, just let go and had exquisite fun under the rain. Rain photos are unique and beautiful. They truly are some of our favorite wedding images in our portfolio.

So try to relax and prepare yourself mentally in the event that your wedding or elopement might be a rainy wedding day. Embrace it! Enjoy it! The show must go on regardless of the weather conditions. And that's a metaphor for life really. Dance in the rain. The storm will pass. And you'll have memories and wedding photographs full of your laughter rainy joy. rain drops on your wedding day are teardrops saved.

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