What Should I Do When it Rains on My Wedding Day?
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What Should I Do When it Rains on My Wedding Day?

Rain for you wedding day or engagement photos?

You're going to have the most authentic photos in the world.

Dramatic weather always brings epic photos. That's the plus side of bad weather on your big day. But there are other ways we can prepare too.

Choosing a venue

It’s worth considering what will happen if it rains on your wedding day when you’re choosing your venue. Yes, you’d love an outdoor ceremony; but if the storm clouds appear will you be just as happy with the alternative indoor option? Even if you're eloping in Japan, we always like to have a Plan B up our sleeve for inclement weather.

It pays to be flexible

On a wedding day, it pays to have a planner on hand, as the wedding timeline usually needs some adjustments to maximize your time. And changing timelines on the go takes some skill. Having a pro on hand to work out timelines and execute them efficiently is always the best way to handle unexpected mother nature. If the ceremony ends and it’s raining, then your photographer will look for indoor portrait locations. Sometimes the ceremony itself will be put off for an hour while you wait to see if the weather clears. Things will need to on hand to keep guests happy and enjoying their waiting time. And your photo session might need some adjustment to before the ceremony rather than afterwards. Sometimes our couples will have spent a year working on their perfect timeline. And then on the day it all needs readjusting. But always be flexible. And no matter what happens, your day is your day. And that makes it perfect.

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