Private Japanese Garden Wedding Near Kyoto
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Private Japanese Garden Wedding Near Kyoto

Iconic. Elope in Japan.

A Japanese Garden wedding is one of our most requested locations for elopements and micro-weddings in Japan. And this Japanese garden is part of a private luxury villa in Nara, just outside of Kyoto. An amazing elopement location in Japan. Perfect for your Japanese destination wedding.

This incredible garden was designed with the concept of "shakkei".⁠

The literal meaning of shakkei is 'borrowed scenery' or 'borrowed landscape.' This is a technique where distant views are incorporated into the garden setting and become part of the design.⁠

When the designer captures this landscape they make it part of the design, and it remains alive. Shakkei is an ancient concept that was used in Japan long before anyone gave it a name. Bringing distant landscapes into gardens, for example, was practiced in Japanese gardens as early as the Heian period (794-1185 A.D.).⁠

This stunning garden is part of a luxury villa introduced to us by @tokyopersonalised and @nippondiscovery for this incredible elopement last month. ⁠

We can't wait to introduce it many more couples wanting a beautifully unique and incredibly Japanese wedding experience.⁠

It'll take your breath away. x⁠

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