Photographing Wedding Details
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Photographing Wedding Details

The little details can be easy to forget, but are important in telling the story of your big day.

it's all in the details

Whether it’s your shoes, hats or your wedding rings, make sure to have them ready for your photographer. Even your details have a story. Perhaps you went shopping for your rings together and have fond memories of that day. Perhaps grandma joined you shopping and gifted your Louboutin's. Maybe your necklace is an heirloom. Cuff links were your father's. A watch a memory of a loved one. Details are memories too. And should be treated as an equal part of the story.

And if you're wanting the details photographed, you'll need to work with your photographer to make sure there's time in your photography timeline to get these beautiful details done. Time spent on the details is time away from you. It's all worth it thought. It just takes timing and planning.


And you know all those getting ready photos you LOVE on Pintrest? The one thing they'll all have in common is that the room will generally be free of clutter. Tidying up is likely to be the furthest thing on your mind on the morning of your wedding, but keeping things neat will mean great photos. A clean and tidy backdrop makes for the best wedding photographs. Maybe task a trusted bridesmaid or family member with helping to keep things neat while you focus on getting ready.

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