Mt Fuji Wedding Ceremony
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Mt Fuji Wedding Ceremony

Yes. You can get married at Mt Fuji.

A Mt Fuji wedding ceremony or a Mt Fuji elopement is one of our most requested wedding locations in Japan.

Whether it's lakeside at one of the stunning Fuji Five Lakes or whether it's actually on Fuji-san herself having a ceremony above the clouds, it's an iconic and breathtaking wedding experience.

Of course, the weather is always unpredictable, but with great risk (and exceptional planning!!) comes great reward. Standing in front of this stunning mountain, and exchanging vows is truly nothing short of life-changing. This beautiful intimate lakeside ceremony, at one of the more private Fuji Five Lakes, was made all the more ethereal by a stunning monk horn blessing echoing through the World Heritage site, foothills and highlands.

Whether sharing your celebration with guests, or whether it's just the two of you and your celebrant, our couples all say the same thing. A Mt Fuji wedding ceremony is almost a mystical experience, full of energy, nature and iconic Japan. The mountain’s art, philosophy and history are always with you when you're in her presence. In an almost literal way Fuji is the soul of Japan.

If you're interested in planning a destination wedding at Mt Fuji, please contact us to start a conversation. We can't wait to hear from you.

Location: Mt Fuji, Yamanashi, Japan.

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