Mother of the Bride in a Touching Getting Ready Moment
37 Frames

Mother of the Bride in a Touching Getting Ready Moment

We love a beautiful natural wedding photography style and story.

Which style is for you?

Which style of wedding photography are you drawn to? A story of the day that captures the raw emotions of yourselves, your friends and family, from getting ready photos to that amazing first dance at your reception? Or do you like more magazine/fashion and posed family photos? A more editorial and posed style of wedding photography.

Or perhaps you like a mix of both.

These are 3 distinct genres,when it comes to wedding photography: Traditional (the posed and detail perfect photography you might see in magazines), Photojournalism (candid, raw, natural and completely unposed), and Classic (classic is a mix of both). Here at 37 Frames we are a Classic Photography team.

When it comes to editing styles, there are thousands of photography styles edited to a photographers unique recipe. Editing style and photography genre are different. Just a little terminology for when you make your way through the world of planning your wedding and hiring your vendors.

We use a clean edit here at 37 Frames. A clean edit with a slight film grade of color. No presets used. Every image hand edited and every image matching in color balance from the beginning of the day right through to the end.

So the first step is to choose a photography style you like: Traditional, Photojournalism or Classic. And then start searching for photographers whose editing style you like within that genre.

Some photographers will edit all in black and white shots, or they may have a very soft and natural style of photo once it has been edited. Some photographers use a hybrid of film and digital. Some photographers edit in a very high-key and airy style. Others edit in a dark and moody way. Do you want bright vibrant photos, do you love black and white shots or do you like a soft focus, pastel colour palette?

There is not right or wrong answer here, it is all down to personal preference, the key is to think about what you want at the end. When you look at your wedding album a few years later is the editing style going to hold up against new trends.

After more than 20 years in the wedding industry both here in Japan and around the world, we've seen so many photography trends come and go. Which is why we edit our images in a very clean way. A clean edit is timeless. Your images will look just as amazing in 50 years time as they do now.

So if you're not sure which editing style you're drawn to, just ask yourself that one question. Will the style you love look dated in the future? We truly believe timeless images are key.

Why we love this photo.

This is a beautiful moment between our bride and her mother. In Japan, it's not usual for mum to help to be in the room during the getting ready time. A bride getting ready is all done by professional dressers and the wedding staff. It's not seen as a family moment with a bride's mum or sister or bridesmaids. But over one of our consultations, we mentioned that sometimes it's nice for mum to help her daughter get ready rather than a hotel staff stranger. And both bride and mum LOVED the idea. In our international weddings, they're always such lovely and meaningful moment. Authentic and real. So we just want to mention that it might be a nice idea if they adopted this idea at their wedding here in Japan. Mum was thrilled to be involved and asked to help get her daughter wedding ready. And we absolutely loved the feeling of joy in the room. We love this photo.

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