Kyoto's Top Wedding Photographers
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Kyoto's Top Wedding Photographers

There's a great range of top Wedding Photographers in Kyoto. So, how do you choose who's right for you?

Our number one piece of advice... connection.

When looking online for a wedding photographer in Kyoto, or going with recommendations, there's one more important thing to keep in mind. Do you get along with them?

A photographer may be excellent at their job, but do your personalities mesh well? You will be spending one of the most important days of your life with this person by your side. And it’s crucial that you feel comfortable around them. They they get you. That they see you.

As one of our past couples said in a beautiful video testimonial "How can anyone tell your story, if they don't connect with you on a personal level?". And they're right. A connection with your story-teller means authenticity and realness in your photos. It means it's an experience and not a photo shoot. And it means that you're getting someone that understands you.

Your wedding photographer will take part in personal moments and you need to feel as if the person is not an intruder but is a welcomed part of your special day.

Choose a photographer you will be happy to spend 8 to 10 hours with on one of the most important days of your life. You want to look back on your wedding day as an unforgettable milestone in your family history. You don't want to look back and remember thinking “how long until these photos are over?”.

If you feel relaxed with the person taking the photos then it will make for a more natural shot, you will feel at ease and it will make it a lot more fun. So if you're googling "Kyoto's Top Wedding Photographers" - don't forget the result will be different for everyone. Choose the photographer who is right for you.

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