Sunrise at Sun Point, Lake St Mary
37 Frames

Sunrise at Sun Point, Lake St Mary

Glacier National Park, Montana.

One of our most favorite sunrises on record. And we've had many.

This one was special. When we look back on our life and travels, I think this particular morning was one of the most reflective and one of the most inspiring we've ever had. A lot of dreams were born this day. 37 Frames was one of them.⁠

The trip was everything and more

Close encounters with large predators, hiking cliffside trails, and venturing into remote, mountainous terrain were what we were expecting when entering Glacier National Park. We also wanted to see unparalleled scenery and take jaw-dropping photos. We got what we wanted. Named for the rivers of ice that continue to carve its spectacular alpine landscape here, Glacier continually ranks as the most pristine of America’s national parks.

Grizzly sightings are a tradition here, and a guarantor that we took serious precautions like clapping, singing, and wearing bells on our packs to make sure the encounters are far and few between. Glacier also is home to wolves (as we found out early before sunrise one morning near Lake McDonald), mountain lions, and mountain goats.

Going-to-the-Sun Road is the marquee drive in Glacier and perhaps the most scenic stretch of tarmac in all of North America. It has been described as a “don’t look down” road. It bisects the northern and southern halves of the park, crosses the Continental Divide, and is designated a National Historic Landmark. We drove it so many times, we know it like the back of our hand.


Moose Drool Beer, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, bear fear, glowing yellow wolf eyes, great buffet breakfasts, our shed, The Shining, wildflowers, fresh air, loving Montana and all it has to offer.

Location: Lake St Mary, Glacier National Park, Montana.

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