Sunrise at Lake MacDonald
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Sunrise at Lake MacDonald

Glacier National Park

This photo was taken in 2005 on a D100 that we had been testing for Nikon. What a throwback! ⁠And it's still beautiful.

⁠Taken at sunrise at Lake MacDonald on one of our last mornings in Montana. The natural beauty here is breathtaking (and we ate so much Huckleberry pie that there was probably a shortage of huckleberries for quite some time afterwards).⁠

What we remember most vividly about this morning... was the lone wolf that accompanied us. She sat on a rock behind us and just watched our every move. To be honest... we were terrified. We're city girls and we were not all caught up on what we should do when confronted by wild animals in nature. She was directly between us and the car. Watching our every move. So we really weren't sure what to do. We carried on slowly and quietly. No sudden moves. We knew the term 'wolf pack' so weren't sure if there were more. Omg we were being surrounded? Two city-loving Australians in the wilds of Montana trying to work out if we were in danger. Or not.⁠

As it turned out. she watched the sunrise with us. And as the sunbeams peeked out over the mountaintops she turned and trotted off back through the forest. I'm still not sure if we were in danger or not. But what a surreal and incredible morning.⁠ Perhaps she was just offering us a spirit animal blessing. Whatever the reason this beautiful animal was there, when we look back on it now, it gives us a sense of calm.

The next time we came back to Glacier National Park, we couldn't see this view at all. Wildfires were raging nearby and smoke filled every view. But we'll try again. Glacier National Park is magical land. The month we spent there over the summer of 2005 was one of the best summers of our life.⁠

28-300mm (@63mm) 4sec; f16, ISO 200⁠

Location: Lake MacDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

Keywords: landscape (8), USA (12).

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