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You might be wondering what would be a good way to talk to your kids about their upcoming documentary family photo session. There’s a few things that come to mind:

1. Talk about the photographer, on their level

You should tell your kids that you’re going to spend a fun day together baking, playing, building sand castles, drawing or whatever else that you’ve come up with as your activities. Mention that Someone(name of the photographer coming over) will be there to take pictures of this amazing time that you’re spending together, so you can take a look at all the cool pictures afterwards.

2. Do not tell them how you wish they would behave in front of the photographer

Unless you’re telling them to just be themselves, you awesome parent you! But seriously, I firmly believe that when we let kids just act naturally it’ll result in the most magical pictures. I don’t want your kids to grow up thinking photographers, or you, don’t think they’re good enough as they are. This is the best way to capture genuine smiles and laughter, instead of the rehearsed photo smiles.

This actually goes for the parents as well; do whatever feels natural and don’t worry about what would look good in pictures. If you feel unsure of what to do, just react to what your kids are up to or take a moment to relax with your spouse. Don’t worry about getting in the way of the photographer; they will work with or around your movements. And as far as looking silly in pictures; your kids will love you for it!

3. No bribing or threatening should be involved

Usually bribes, and the threats of taking away bribes, end up making the kids worry about the loss of their treat to the point of being moody throughout the session. But by all means, feel free to surprise them with new watercolors, finger paint, balloons, puzzles or cup cakes for some extra fun during your session. This can be a good trick to have up your sleeve if you think they need some extra help to loosen up in front of the camera.

I hope this will help you in talking about your upcoming session with your kids!

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