Vendor Recommendations - Janel Parrish Wedding
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Vendor Recommendations - Janel Parrish Wedding

This was one of our tips for finding the right photographer for you.

However it really is relevant for all wedding vendors.

Ask everyone you know for recommendations as there’s nothing better than a referral. But also, don't just take your friend's word for it either. They might have found someone they were happy with but not have done a lot of research themselves. So there might be vendors more suitable for you and your style out there. It's a matter of cross referencing everything.

Also, ask your wedding venue for the preferred supplier list; inevitably that list is made of names they trust, and are confident will uphold their reputation. Check though that the suppliers on their list don't pay them a commission or fee to be on their list. This sometimes means that a venue's preferred supplier isn't necessarily preferred or of the best quality, but is made up of suppliers willing to pay for work. This is not usually the case. Most venues will want to make sure that they work with professionals that uphold their brand and showcase their venue. But it doesn't hurt to sometimes check.

And of course, there's our old friend Google. Be prepared to search, search and search some more as there are literally thousand’s of wedding photographers online. Especially if you're looking for professional wedding photographers in Japan. Check their Google Reviews. Check their Instagram and online presence. One way to refine your search is through the style you like, for example ‘documentary wedding photographer’ or 'natural wedding photographer in Japan' and start from there.

Once you've narrowed down your favorite 2-3 photographers based off their professional reputations, recommendations and a style you like, then set up an in-person meeting with your prospective photographers. Or if it's for a destination wedding, make sure to setup a virtual consult. You'll know who you trust and vibe with as soon as you meet them.

Why we love this photo

This is Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars and her handsome guy, Chris Long. We love this photo because it's just so them. Finally partners in life and in love. It had been raining all day. But the rain cleared a little just after the ceremony... and they both seemed just so 'present'. And like they were the only two people in the world. We love this photo. It reminds of two beautiful people in love who trusted us with their story. Thank you both. What an incredible day.

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Location: Kualoa Ranch.

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