Unique Elopement Locations in Japan
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Unique Elopement Locations in Japan

The Gold Leaf Tea Terrace Elopement Plan

This one’s mind-blowing. The only place of it’s kind in the world. For real.

This location is everything and more. It really exists and would be the perfect canvas for your elopement. Your own private terrace amid a sea of golden tea leaves. Yes, golden green tea. It is, remarkably, the only golden tea field in the world, located in the mountainous area of Shizuoka. Did we mention – the only place like it in the world?

When people ask us about eloping in Japan, this is always one of our first recommendations. If you’re looking for a unique destination wedding in Japan or to elope, just the two of you together, this would be perfect. A union of who you are and the country where you’ve chosen to marry. Getting married in Japan is everything and more. Elope in Japanese Tea Fields.

An Adventure Elopement in Japan Drenched in Gold

It does require somewhat of a journey. It’s definitely the road less travelled, we occasionally end up in the back of a farmers truck to get there. There are not too many places left like this in the world – still mostly undiscovered. As it is such a special location the venue/usage fee is a little more than the other terraces. But it’s just such an incredible adventure elopement in Japan. Unforgettable. Meaningful. Authentic. Once we arrive you exchange vows while enjoying the spectacular and unique views of golden tea fields. Just lost in each other and fields of gold.

Sample the local green tea after the ceremony and we can even arrange an authentic Tea Ceremony with a Tea Master to make it the ultimate in Japanese elopements.

As wedding planners in Japan, this one couldn’t be higher on our list of beautiful locals and epic vistas. And truly unique once in a lifetime experiences. For your intimate wedding in Japan, or micro-wedding. Please contact us for information. The tea fields are waiting.

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Location: Shizuoka, Japan.

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