Sasayuri-ann Ozunu Private Villa Wedding
37 Frames

Sasayuri-ann Ozunu Private Villa Wedding

The perfect Kyoto elopement

This elopement had so much depth and meaning in every little detail. Her and the 37 Frames wedding planner, Dee, decided on a stunning Calla Lillies for the bouquet. All because of the origins of the name 'Sasayuri-ann' and the history of this beautiful villa.

Until just a mere thirty years ago, the exquisitely fragrant sasayuri, the native Japanese lily, flourished in the countryside throughout Japan. Literally everywhere. However, due to environmental change, only those who explicitly search for it now find this once typical Japanese lily. The beautiful natural sight of blooming sasayuri flowers that we all once took for granted has become incredibly rare and very special. In much the same way, the thatched-roof style traditional Japanese house also began its rapid disappearance some fifty years ago, and it is almost impossible to come across one in today's Japan. But here at Sasayuri-ann it encompasses all that traditional beauty and more.

So it was a lilly bouquet and a luxury 'kominka' style venue. A true vision in every way.

Location: Rice Terraces Villa Sasayuri Ann.

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