Intimate Autumn Elopement in Karuizawa | Elope in Japan
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Intimate Autumn Elopement in Karuizawa | Elope in Japan

A stunning fall elopement in Karuizawa, Japan.

Rich in a spectacular autumn color palette of coffee, gold and sunburst yellow, with splashes of orange, this intimate wedding celebration was all so perfectly meant to be. An elopement in Karuizawa is beautiful at any time of year, but fall holds that little bit of extra magic. That something special. A 37 Frames favorite.

They came to us with a simple brief… a private, beautiful outdoor ceremony, in Karuizawa (a soul place), enveloped in nature, simple, yet elegant. A hint of classic/vintage design and a European flair but all in keeping with the harmony of the environment. And so we found the most perfect Garden, in full fall bloom and used the stunning natural maple tree as our muse for a whimsical take on a flower arch. ‘Decorate the trees’, we suggested. And after communicating our design, the vision was beautifully realized by StudioRose. Incorporating darling Japanese anemone, paying homage to an English country garden in Fall. It was a dream location, layers of maples, mossy underfoot withすすき suzuki (pampass grass) fluttering in the breeze, all the perfect backdtop.

Elope in Japan

The English Garden inspiration was a nod to where the couple met and where their 2020 wedding was meant to be. But with a little chill in the air, under the incredible Nagano fall foliage, it was clear that while 2020 had not turned out like most of us imagined, these two beautiful souls were not meant to be anywhere other than here. In Japan. Together. At this time and in this location. Friends and family live-streamed. An intimate lunch. A stroll in a quintessential English garden in Karuizawa afterwards to celebrate. And to finish, a surprise afternoon tea by the river. We adore surprises!! A toasty campfire to ward off a little of the night air encroaching on the evening.

While not the big celebration in Europe that had been planned, this incredibly special alternative wedding plan was so perfect. Something deeply personal, more intimate, thoughtful and meaningful. And very much the both of them.

Eloping in Japan is Magical. No matter what the day (or year!) brings.

Contact us anytime to talk weddings and elopements in Japan. We’re 100% here for you. We’ve got you. Whether it’s an Autumn/Fall Elopement in Japan or Spring, Winter or even summer, every season brings its own magic.


Location: Karuizawa, Japan.

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