Destination Elopement in the Tea Fields of Japan
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Destination Elopement in the Tea Fields of Japan

When you see the green tea terraces in Shizuoka, you just know it’s a magical place to elope. You feel it before even arriving.

For centuries tea has represented harmony, peace and connection. How perfect to embrace these beautiful words and entwine them into your perfect elopement in Japan. Elope in Japanese Tea Fields.

This elopement location is and always will be be one of our very favorite locations to get married. As wedding planners in Japan, we’re always looking for new and unique places to get married. And last year, one of our wedding planning team introduced us to these spectacular tea fields. 37 Frames are currently the only wedding planning team planning weddings here in the tea fields of Japan. And we’ve worked very hard to make this area accessible our wedding and elopement couples. We love sharing and being able to provide beautiful locations before they’re popular. Always working with the local community and always creating unforgettable memories. Yours and yours alone. So let us the you a little about these unique elopement and micro-wedding locations in Japan. Here we go…

The Sky Tea Terrace Elopement Plan

Complete privacy will be yours in this simply remarkable elopement location. High in the tea fields of Shizuoka is your very own terrace to elope on. At an altitude of 350m above sea level exchange your vows with a breathtaking view among the Ryogouchi hills, and on a clear day you may be lucky enough to glimpse Mt Fuji. Breathtaking in every way. It is beyond epic and worth going way off the beaten track.

Our journey starts with a quick stop to meet the locals, then we wind our way up the tea slopes. The tea terraces are all on private land, but we recently did a sunrise elopement here in the tea fields and the tea owners were entirely accommodating of our incredibly early start. (Thank you thank you, thank you!) We glimpsed a Mt Fuji sunrise just before she clouded over at the conclusion of our couple’s vows. And it was honestly one of the most breathtaking ceremonies of our life. Elope in Japanese Tea Fields.

Being wedding planners in Japan can sometimes mean the same repetitive locations again and again. As permits and permissions are very hard to come by for most locations. But the tea fields are unique and amazing. And best of all, they are fully welcoming of all our destination wedding plans and all our elopement plans. And we will never get tired of this epic, incredible wedding and elopement location.

Eloping in the Tea Fields of Shizuoka is utterly divine

Arriving at the deck requires a short 5 minute steep hike, not too difficult. But a slightly difficult in wedding dress. Don’t worry, we’ll help every step of the way. Say I do on the deck with beautiful authentic words. Out in Nature and full of love. Completely private. And then share a green tea toast afterwards. Or we can arrange a green tea cocktail! Or champagne. Whatever’s you. We can even arrange an authentic Tea Ceremony with a Tea Master. An elopement experience of your dreams.

Imagine a first Dance at sunset and sweeping vistas as your memories. Or if you’re up for a very early start you may be rewarded with a magnificent sea of clouds view. As we mentioned above, a sunrise elopement here is pure perfection. Elope in Japanese Tea Fields.

For centuries tea has represented harmony, peace, enlightenment and connection. It is at the heart of Japan. It’s very core. And as such, it couldn’t be a more perfect place to exchange vows and commit to each other. There are actually several tea terraces dotted throughout Shizuoka, each with it’s own heart and perspective. This one is in the sky

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Location: Shizuoka.

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