Elope on a Noh Stage in Japan
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Elope on a Noh Stage in Japan

Mystical beauty just outside Tokyo. Elope in Japan.

Noh Stage Elopement

Be a part of history. Elope on a Noh Stage. Celebrate your marriage with a UNESCO Cultural Heritage tradition. On a stunning, hidden, out of the way Noh Stage just outside of Tokyo. Quintessentially Japanese. Emotional. Serene. An incredibly iconic and historical style of stage drama. Noh is the world’s oldest dramatic tradition. As such it has been designated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Covered by a beautiful wooden roof, the Noh stage is ideal for both the perfect and the not-so-perfect weather. It is open on three sides, with the fourth made up of a backdrop featuring a large painting of Japanese pines. The pines attract divine spirits. So, it’s believed that the Noh stage and all who stand on it are protected by their presence. The beauty of Noh lies in its minimalism and simplicity. Simple. Beautiful. Divine. The perfect Japanese elopement wedding.

This stunning noh stage is also the perfect option for western wedding attire (wedding dresses/suits) over traditional kimono if you prefer. Whatever your desire, this is the perfect backdrop for your elopement. Elegant and full of mystical beauty.

Make it a full day elopement

Add to the above Noh stage ceremony experience with a Japanese adventure elopement of your dreams. If you choose the Kanagawa Noh stage, we whisk you away after the ceremony to a secluded park, with Mt Fuji views on fine days and cherry blossoms dotted throughout when in season. Perhaps a picnic or just a stroll to see Mt Fuji; she’d love to give you her blessing.

A private, lone cherry blossom tree just waiting for your elopement in Japan.

A Spectacular Mountain Elopement Experience in Japan

Next we head up (via cable car) to an incredible shrine set high on top of a mountain. Amazing scenic views, a deep history and religious significance. With a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain areas and beautiful fall colors, we can hike a little along the trail and make the stories of this area a part of your own. This shrine and it’s stories are about unconditional love, persistence and of return journeys. We also have a secret field of spectacular yellow rape blossoms with a single lone Cherry Blossom tree we can stop at for amazing photos. It’s on private property, but the owner of the field would love to have you. Again, this option is when in season.

Elope on a Noh Stage. If the Saitama stage is your preference, start with a stroll through the historical streets. Not too far away are the spectacular pink moss flowers when in season. Back to your castle town and you’re welcomed in a lovely historical garden with Matcha green tea and traditional Japanese sweets. And finally the beautiful noh stage to exchange beautiful vows and celebrate. The day is yours.

Information on garden elopements in Tokyo are some of our most requested elopement packages. And we’re thrilled to be able to create customizable just-for-you plans. Make sure to contact us here to schedule a video consult. We can’t wait to meet you.

And watch our TOP 10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding in Japan here! We’re all waiting for you with open arms. x

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