JAPAN International Tourism Film Festival 2021 Finalist
37 Frames

JAPAN International Tourism Film Festival 2021 Finalist

We are beyond excited that one of our amazing wedding venues (Sasayuri-ann Rice Terrace Villa) nominated a 37 Frames “Elope in Japan” wedding film for the Japan International Tourism Film Festival! And we’re finalists!

Great photography becomes a part of your life.

JAPAN International Tourism Film Festival 2021 Finalist. Wow. If there’s one thing we strongly believe in, it’s investing in your memories. Which is why we advocate strongly for making sure you have quality photography for your day. And, especially when these image will be a part of your family history for generations. It really is the one thing you shouldn’tcompromise on. Because, photography is quite literally, forever.

Our photography team has won a host of amazing awards for their wedding stories around the world. And now… it’s the video team’s turn. Congratulations.

37 Frames is now showcasing wedding films too.

The nomination for one of our wedding films into the JAPAN International Tourism Film Festival came a little out of the blue. The amazing owner of the Sasayuri-ann Rice Terrace Villa was overwhelmingly moved by one of our elopement videos. So, he went ahead and nominated on behalf of us. And we’re thrilled to be a JAPAN International Tourism Film Festival 2021 Finalist.

I would never have thought of entering a wedding video into a Tourism film festival. However, when planning a destination wedding in Japan or an elopement ceremony here in this beautiful country, we do have a mission statement. It’s all over the Destination Wedding Japan website:


Showcasing Japan. Cerebrating you. Natural. Meaningful. Wonder and awe. So yes… I guess it does fit the genre. In a very intimate way.

Wedding films are showcasing more than a vacation. And more than a culture. A wedding video is real. Emotional and raw. A wedding film is showcasing an experience. It’s showcasing a celebration of place, of people, of life. So we’re incredibly honored that Mr Matsubayashi went ahead and nominated a 37 Frames wedding into the International Tourism Film Festival. As it would never have have crossed our minds to enter ourselves.

We had the lovely news today that we’re finalists in two categories. And the results and presentations will be held at Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto on March 3. It’ll all be online this year with Japan still in a State of Emergency. But we’re very excited to settle in and watch all these amazing films showing how amazing Japan is. And to be able to share our love of this country that is our adopted home with so many others around the country.

Here’s a little information about the Film Festival:

Japan World Tourism Film Festival 2021

“Tourism is about dialogue and the search for peace in the world. In a world where conflict between countries is still rife, COVID-19 has led to suspicion and selfishness among people. The origin of the word “tourism” comes from the I Ching’s “Guan Guo Zhi Guang”, which means to communicate one’s own attractions as well as to accept and understand the attractions of others. Through tourism, we can get to know the culture and people of distant countries and have a dialogue with them. Herein lies the contribution of tourism to peace.“

“The Japan International Tourism Film Festival aims to promote “better tourism” by focusing on tourism films, awarding prizes to outstanding films and filmmakers, discovering new expressions of tourism films, and promoting digital marketing, VR and X-rays, which are urgent issues for tourism films. The Japan International Tourism Film Festival is a combination of a competition and a symposium, with the aim of discovering new expressions of tourism films, linking them with marketing, and improving tourism film techniques using VR and XR.“

The 2021 edition of the festival is held as “Online” in 2nd and 3rd March, 2021. The venue is Kyotomizu Temple in Kyoto.”

37 Frames Wedding Films

With more than 1200 film entries this year, we’re more than happy to just be finalists. I don’t think we can expect anything more of ourselves. The film entered is from a real wedding day. A real elopement. It’s not a promotional video for marketing. Our couples are not models. Their videos are of one of the most real and emotional events of their life. We are just so honored that films and photography that wecreate on real wedding days, are considered to be of a level to make the finals with commercial marketing films.

So THANK YOU Mr Matsubayashi. Thank you for the nomination. And thank you JAPAN World Tourism Film Festival. We’re looking forward to March 3. And we can’t wait to create more wedding films for all our amazing couples getting married or eloping in Japan in 2022 and 2023 and beyond.

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