Italian Destination Weddings
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Italian Destination Weddings

Some of our favorite weddings to date have been our Italian Destination Weddings.

From castles in Umbria, to vineyards in Tuscany and the spectacular Emerald Coast in Puglia. It's one of our absolute joys to plan a wedding around the food and wine of Italy, that stunning, ethereal light, the parties, the people ... did we mention the wine?

One of our first Italian destination weddings was at the The Umbrian Castle di Sismano, which has been in the hands of the princes of Corsini (two became popes) for 1,054 years, set amongst farmland that comprises forests, fields, grazing pastures, and 18 acres of olive groves. It was pure perfection.

Our most recent wedding was in the baroque town of Lecce in sun drenched Puglia. They say "If Puglia were a movie, Lecce would be cast in the starring role". With the ceremony in the magnificent Duomo di Lecce and the reception at the magical and otherworldly Gibò Luxury Club, it was the perfect tour of the Salento.White rocky cliffs and emerald clear water. Chic. Perfect. Pure Italy.

Now that we have family in Florence, we're open to any Italian Destination Wedding inquires. We're always Italian dreaming.

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Location: Lecce, Italy.

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