Hibiki Futei Akasaka Wedding
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Hibiki Futei Akasaka Wedding

A great Tokyo wedding venue. Either as a Tokyo Garden wedding. Or a shrine wedding.

Everyone’s heard of the famous Japanese Hibiki Whiskey. And whiskey lovers love the Hibiki owned restaurant in Tokyo. They have a lovely area for a wedding too.

Japanese Whisky Philosophy

Suntory Hibiki Whisky has this philosophy to embody the harmony that exists between nature and people. This unique fusion is seen as an art form. So how does the theme of nature fit into the middle of downtown Tokyo?

The restaurant has a beautiful little garden area. And when walking through, you’d never know that you were in one of the biggest cities in the world. Get married in a Tokyo Garden. At the Hibiki Futei Restaurant.

They have a lovely reception area. Floor to ceiling glass. Lots of light. All looking out over the terrace and garden.

For couples wanting their wedding at Hibiki Futei Akasaka in Tokyo, this venue aslo has top-rated food. All being served from the open kitchen. We love open kitchens. And this one’s no exception.

For wedding ceremony options there is a beautiful little Shrine nearby. Akasaka Hikawa Shrine a hidden gem and right nearby Hibiki Futei. Akasaka Hikawa Shrine is beautiful for a wedding ceremony in Tokyo. And if you look around aour website you'll find more beautiful weddings from that shrine. But if an international style wedding in Japan is more for you, then a lovely ceremony on the Hibiki Futei Terrace is perfect. Full of greenery and light.

Which brings us to this beautiful photo from this Tokyo wedding

This wedding in Tokyo was a beautiful intimate wedding. A destination wedding in Japan. It wasn't meant to be as intimate as it was. But Tokyo's biggest typhoon in over half a century blasted its way into town, making it impossible for the guests to get to the venue. Typhoon Hagibis. We arrived about 24 hours earlier (or it felt like it) to make sure we were THERE. And regardless of that massive storm raging outside, it was the most perfect day we could imagine. Tucked away inside. Away from the windows. Small. Intimate. Full of love. Full of security and warmth. Truly a favorite wedding in Tokyo.⁠

This image won a Gold Distinction at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Conference in Las Vegas in 2020.

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