Groom's Getting Ready Photos
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Groom's Getting Ready Photos

Don't forget the boys!

We love our groom prep pics. A beautiful part of the getting ready story.

Most of our couples will always opt for two photographers. It's what we're know for here at 37 Frames and always give an unobtrusive cinematic style. It also let's us focus on the extended story of the with day with guests and details. With one photographer it's a concentration of focusing on the couple's story only. So with two photographers when the bride and groom are getting ready it's easy to split off and have amazing coverage of both.

But what happens if you only have it in the budget for one photographer? We always recommend getting the guys preparation photos done first, leaving your photographer free to then capture those final exciting moments with the bride and her bridemaids.

If you are both getting ready in the same place, it makes the job much easier. If not, make sure to work with your photographer to plan the day. You can always ask your photographer to meet the boys before the ceremony. Or have them get ready (then undress again if they wish) but this always feels so much less authentic.

The best option for beautiful getting ready images is to invest in full coverage with two photographers. This is the norm in weddings these days. Even intimate celebrations are wanting a more cinematic coverage. When you hire a team, you're covered!

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